Release: Filter Results, Hidden Files, Delete Shared Files & Switch Accounts - Google Drive

Kicking off the new year, I would like to share some of the new features that have recently been added to Clean Drive. Here are the highlights:

  • Filter File Results. You have more control over what files are displayed. You can filter the results by folder path(s), date range, the owner, and storage used. This filter works on every page (duplicate files, PDF, large files, etc).

Filter Files by date, owner, folder, storage used in Google Drive
  • New File Views. You can now view files in these additional ways: "Not Owned By Me", "Hidden Files" and a "Custom View".

  • Delete Shared Files. Now you can remove files that you do not own but were instead shared with you from your Google Drive.

  • File Deletion Progress. When deleting files there is now a progress indicator at the bottom of the page showing how many files are left to delete. You can safely navigate to other pages while the files are being deleted.

File Deletion Progress Indicator for Google Drive
  • Switch Account. If you have multiple Google Drive accounts, you can switch between these accounts. It's as easy as clicking the "My Accounts" button at the top of the page and then clicking "Switch Account". Please note: each individual Google account requires it's own subscription to Clean Drive.

Switch Google Accounts in Clean Drive

I am thankful for everyone who reached out asking for enhancements. These requests keep me in touch with what features are most desired and help improve the app and experience.

Here's to a new year organized Google Drive accounts and many more features coming to Clean Drive.




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