Organize Your Google Drive Storage

Take control of your Google Drive account and organize your files. You no longer need to deal with storage usage that is out of control and files that are cluttered everywhere. Clean Drive will show you where your storage space is being used and give you the power to quickly remove what you no longer want.

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Organize Your Google Drive Storage

Clean Drive is a tool that can help you organize your Google Drive storage. It will scan your files and show you a summary of where your storage space is being used in Google Drive. Quickly preview files by categories such as duplicate files, hidden files, large files, empty files and more. Use the bulk delete feature to quickly remove files that are no longer needed or use advanced filters to find and organize specific files that you know you no longer need. For example, you can view all files that are older than 7 years old and not owned by you and remove them with a simple click.

With Clean Drive You Can...

Organize Your Google Drive Storage

At a glance view how much storage space is being used by Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive.

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Find Duplicate Files in Google Drive

Find Duplicate Files

Find duplicate files in Google Drive. Clean Drive will show you all of your duplicate files and show which ones are taking up the most space in your Google Drive account.

* Please note, you can find and remove photos that exist in Google Drive but finding files in Google Photos is not yet supported.

Locate Hidden Files

Surprisingly, files can consume storage space but not exist in a folder. The only way to find these files in Google Drive is to search for the exact name. Clean Drive shows all of these hidden files in one place so you can choose to delete them or move them back into a folder.

Find Old Files

Find old files with Google Drive. View files that are older than a specific date. You can browse these files and if desired delete them with a simple click.

Browse by File Type

View your files by a specific file type. Would you like to see only the documents in your account? Or maybe just the images? You can even drill down to more specific file types such as PDF, Excel, JPG, etc.

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View Shared Files

View Files that are shared with you in Google Drive. Clean Drive will help you view who owns each file so that there is no guessing at where each file came from.

Delete in Bulk

Find the files you want to remove and delete them with a simple click. No need to select files one by one as you can easily select all. Duplicate files can also be easily removed by automatically selecting the oldest or newest duplicate files.

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Maintain Security

We care about the privacy of your data and are committed to protecting it. Everything is transferred over a secure SSL connection and we encrypt any account information that we store. Our motivation is to help you organize Google Drive and we will not use your information for anything other than that. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

How To Start Organizing Your Google Drive Storage

Click Scan My Drive to get started organizing your account. Or you can install our Android mobile app in the Google Play store or the Galaxy store. The app is also available as a Google Drive Add-on . As soon as you start the scan it will analyze the files in your drive and help you find the ones that are consuming the most space or that you may no longer need. Clean Drive will help you find and organize duplicate files, large files, empty files, older files, files by type (such as documents, images, etc).

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I organized over 1 million files with Clean Drive and cleared 2 TB of storage space. Thank You!

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Clean Drive is so easy to use and made organizing my storage in Google Drive easy.

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I wish Google would have made a better tool to organize Google Drive but I'm super happy that you did.

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